Analytical Dynamics

MAE 6210

Spring Semesters - 3 Credits

Analytical dynamics is the foundation of modern mechanics and is important to both applied and theoretical work. This class seeks to develop classical analytical dynamics from a modern mathematical viewpoint. We will cover the Lagrangian formulation. This course will move quickly into material that a student would not encounter in a typical undergraduate dynamic course. While we will again use “toy” problems, with focus on the insights that the analytical approach gives to the understanding of system dynamics. 


Modeling and Control of Manufacturing Processes

MAE 6592/SYS 6581/MAE 4501

Fall Semesters - 3 Credits

Introduction to manufacturing processes/system modeling and analysis. Fundamental principles of production systems. Analytical and simulation approach to production system performance analysis, continuous improvement, and design. Topics include mathematical modeling of production systems, Cyber physical manufacturing systems, improvement analysis, and dynamic characteristics. Includes both the relevant fundamental concepts and extensive practical knowledge base on which manufacturing research, development, and design depend. The students are expected to complete a term project, in which they will interpret real-life manufacturing plant operation or service operations in the light of course principles and suggest improvement solutions. A Python project will also be assigned to analyze system real-time performance.